From the Desk of Pastor Anderson
UPDATE regarding the COVID-19 virus procedures for FAME.
Greetings FAME Family,
I pray you are well and continuing to shelter at home safely.
Recently, there has been much conversation in the news media concerning the re-opening of cities as a
means of re-starting the economy. These conversations are running counter to the recommendations of
physicians, scientists and WHO (World Health Organization).
Currently, we do not have accurate information on how many people are asymptomatic but still able to
transmit the disease to others unknowingly. Limited availability of PPE (personal protective equipment)
and testing enhances the potential for catastrophic outcomes particularly in underserved and
communities of color who currently are contracting and dying from the virus at greater numbers than
other population groups.
I realize this is a difficult time for us all but know that your health and well-being are of utmost
importance to me. Therefore, FAME will continue to follow social distancing and stay-at-home
requirements as recommended by CDC and WHO. We will continue to worship virtually via Facebook
Live, Zoom, online at our website and recorded sermons will be available on our
YouTube channel.
I am overwhelmed by the support and unity that you have all displayed towards FAME and me. Thank
you for your continued financial support which allows us to meet our obligations.
We WILL get through this together! God has given us a strong mind to help direct and guide us through
this moment in time. We don’t wait as those who have no hope but as those who’s hope is in the Lord!
Love and blessings, Pastor Karen